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Meredith Moss

After spending decades living and working a fast-paced, intense lifestyle, I find my art creates an oasis allowing me to rest, relax, and rejuvenate my soul. It redirects my attention to the unique beauty in everyday life. With my eye for detail, I enjoy capturing these special moments to share with others.

While many artists prefer to focus on their own visions, I value creating commissioned art. This work invigorates me as these pieces provide an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of someone else. A near insatiable inquisitive nature and thirst for knowledge is what feeds me as an artist and as an individual.

I work from life as well as photographs. My process begins with finding a concept that “speaks to me.” If I have an idea but no photo references, I enjoy taking my own pictures. For each image, my media is chosen depending on the effect I want to create. During the past few years I have focused primarily on dry media such as pencils and pastels, but I’m enjoying expanding my ability to create art through various painting techniques especially watercolor and oil paints.

For my clients, my goal is a final creation that results in happiness, joy, and when appropriate, healing.

Any Way You Slice It – Color Magazine’s 22nd Annual Show – Honorable Mention in Advanced Category

“The judges were stunned when they learned the entry was not a photograph.
The level of precision is amazing!”

First Place announcement for “Darn It!”

Project Enhancement Corporation’s Annual Art Show


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'Twas Talbott's Tavern by Meredith Moss is a multimedia artwork of an historic building in Waterford, Virginia.

‘Twas Talbott’s Tavern

This piece is a new type of subject as well as new media. Read about my inspiration and process.

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Watercolor painting by Meredith Moss of a pile of autumn leaves

Fallen Leaves

Over the years, I’ve always found watercolor a very challenging medium. I’m not alone. Many other artists also struggle with it. Controlling the paint can…

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