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About Meredith Moss

Since her earliest memories, Meredith Moss has cared about people. Her care and concern led her to pursue careers enabling her to focus on the safety, health, and well-being of others. Careers that came together to foster in her an ability to see the beauty in the people, places, and things around her. She now brings these abilities to life by using her artistic talents to create beautiful renderings that are readily considered family treasures.

Meredith started her creative life at the tender age of two with “refrigerator art” her artist mother framed and hung in their home. Being fascinated by the impact of art on others, Meredith began her art education journey in earnest in her early teens and high school where she took advanced placement classes with an eye toward joining the New York fashion industry. Following her creative passion after high school, Meredith earned a bachelor’s degree from one of the world’s leading fashion schools, New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. During her years in the fashion industry, Meredith absorbed the intricacies of color, fabric, and design, bringing them together to make beautiful garments sold across the globe.

Meredith’s very first drawing framed by her mother.

As Meredith spent time in the fashion industry, she came to realize she needed a more hands-on approach to caring for people. Caring for their very lives, and not just about the clothing they might choose. She fulfilled this need by training for and becoming a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician in New Jersey. After the events of September 11, 2001, she decided she had more to contribute to society, so she added to her experience by becoming an emergency manager, a role that would see her relocating to the Washington D.C. area, where she continues to work and live.

Like so many things in life, Meredith did not appreciate how these diverse facets of her training, experience, and interests were coming together until she took stock of her life. She realized something was missing; her thoughts kept returning to ‘where’s the color’? Color had been at the forefront of her first studies and career and, as it turns out, color is a fascinating topic worthy of lifelong study, yet was something Meredith had left behind as she pursued her passion for helping people through emergency response and emergency management.

Color is a topic she is delighted to once again experience through her art. Studying under well-known artists from around the world, Meredith has excelled at the use of colored pencils in breathtakingly beautiful ways, juxtaposing different colors and techniques to put on paper creations of beauty in the eyes of those commissioning her work. Combining her interests, schooling, and talents, Meredith creates art to express joy and create a holistically healing experience for her customer. Whether the significance is in the moment or the subject, the beauty, color, and power of the experience is reflected in her art.

Meredith is excited to announce Meredith Moss Art, with the goal of creating commissioned artwork to touch the souls of others. Accomplished at bringing to life a wide breadth of creations, Meredith Moss Art has availability to assist customers around the world in the creation of discriminating works of heirloom art.