Commissions by Meredith Moss

I believe art is part of a process of healing and closure. Art offers you the gift to relive special memories and bring dreams to life.

Fine art presents opportunities to share stories in how it prompts recollections and retelling. My images are designed to honor memories, facilitate closure, encourage new aspirations, and celebrate life.

Creating commissioned art gives you the opportunity to realize your vision. All the materials I use are archival and lightfast to ensure your art will last a lifetime and beyond. Your custom artwork will become an heirloom treasured for generations.


Your ideas are where we start. Use the Inspiration Worksheet to help design your art. It will provide you with considerations of various elements for your commission. There’s no need to for you to make any decisions at this point; you’re still exploring concepts.

The next step is coordination. We begin by discussing what you envision and your inspirations. You’re encouraged to tell stories, share photos, and include anything else you feel touches your heart. This might be a few calls until we’re able to develop a Photoshop image approximating your composition.

Once you approve your concept of elements, colors, composition, and size, you’ll provide an initial installment payment that will hold your place on my waiting list, and I’ll advise you once I begin drawing. From the time I begin drawing, it will take approximately 3 months for completion and framing.

For additional details on the process, please contact me to request my handout on How It Works.


Artwork commission pricing is based on size, medium, and the complexity of the subject. However, please keep in mind that to ensure likenesses details are important. This means that we don’t want to squeeze a lot of subjects into a tiny space. We can discuss your options during our initial video conference call.

Below are general prices for colored pencil based on a single subject. All artwork is delivered professionally framed.

Prices subject to change.

Extra Small

~ 9 x 12 or smaller



~ 10 x 14



~ 12 x 16



~ 16 x 20


Extra Large

~ 18 x 24



Your artwork will include a certificate of authenticity. You may pick up the artwork in person. If this is not possible, I can arrange for your piece to be carefully packaged and shipped to you for an additional charge.

Please contact me to discuss pricing for multiple subjects, complex backgrounds, other sizes, etc.


Greg by Meredith Moss

"She did an amazing job.... The package arrived. Mom loved the drawing. Thank you again so very much for doing this for me."

Mary M

Ivy's Fancy by Meredith Moss

"Stunning. Simply stunning. Thank you so very much for all your hard work."

Joe S.

Good Chi by Meredith Moss

"'Good Chi' is absolutely amazing!! Meredith captured everything he was to me!! Thank you so much, I couldn't be more pleased!!"

Dawn B.